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In keeping with it's mission ? to help the Sud-Ouest community take an active part in creating its economic, social and cultural future in a sustainable and equitable context and in a spirit of commitment, partnership and consultation ? the RESO offers services to support community organizations and social economy enterprises so that they:

  1. Create and maintain lasting jobs that produce goods and services with social or collective utility.
  2. Offer unemployed people in the Sud-Ouest development and employability activities.
  3. Offer personnel in the Sud-Ouest's community sector professional development activities.


RESO supports community initiatives, focusing on the following primary areas of activity in the community action and social economy sector:

  • Collective entrepreneurship, including social economy enterprises and community organizations in development
  • Local initiatives in workforce development (including employability and training activities, and training for personnel of community organizations and enterprises)
  • Consultation and representation


RESO offers the following services to project promoters and community consultation forums:

  1. Hearing and analyzing needs and projects
  2. Supporting project promoters, community organizations and social economy enterprises at all stages of project development
  3. Assisting in obtaining financing and in project negotiation
  4. Following up on projects nearing completion
  5. Supporting project strengthening and organizational development
  6. Supporting local consultation
  7. Taking part in regional and national consultations when required
  8. Encouraging the social economy and community action

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