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Fonds local d'investissement (FLI)

RESO manages the Fonds local d'investissement (FLI), dedicated to the start-up and strengthening of businesses.

The FLI fosters entrepreneurship, and in this spirit, supports new entrepreneurs in their projects to:

  • Create and sustain viable businesses in Montreal's Sud-Ouest.
  • Finance the start-up and expansion of projects run by both organizations and individuals.
  • Sustain job development.
  • Contribute to the Sud-Ouest's economic development.

The FLI is intended for individuals with projects in the marketing stage, offering the support, advice and technical assistance their projects require.

Target clientele:

  • Self-employed workers
  • Profit-seeking businesses
  • Businesses in the social economy
  • Industrial and propulsive service industries sector, following the development plan's priorities

Type of financing:

  • Simple loan investment of up to $50,000 at prime plus a rate of 2 to 5%
  • Personal endorsement of promoters can be asked
  • Investment by promoters
  • Submission of a complete business plan
  • Application and follow-up fee: 2.5% of loan, including non-refundable $250 deposit

For more information, Joice Diaz at 514 931-5737, extension 272.


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