Centre to Help the Unemployed (CASE)

Centre to help the unemployed (CASE)

To help you find the job that’s right for you!

A dynamic approach adapted to your needs!

You can meet an employment counsellor :

  • In person,
  • By teleconference (Zoom or Teams),
  • Or simply on the phone.

Public health and social distancing measures are applied in RESO offices.

Services are free and personalized and offered in English and French.

You do not know which way to go? Take the direction of RESO!

Determine a professional objective

Whether it's a career change, finding a job or returning to school, our employment counselors will guide you through your journey.

  • What kind of job do I want to occupy?
  • How to identify my interests?
  • Which trades offer the most interesting opportunities?
  • Reorient your career!

Develop job search strategies

Employment counselors are available to help you in your approach using tools: CV, cover letter, search for job offers, interview preparation, etc.

  • How to make a trendy resume?
  • Need help writing a cover letter?
  • What are the essential questions in an interview?
  • How to search for job offers that interest me?

Determine what job area suit you

Find a workplace that suits your needs and criteria! Take advantage of a personalized job search and during the first weeks of employment.

  • What are the real job opportunities in demand?
  • What training is needed to fill this job?
  • Where is the training that interests you?

Plan a return to school

Do you want to go back to school? Benefit from supervision to complete your secondary education or certain prerequisites.

  • Find information on the necessary prerequisites and how to obtain them
  • Prepare your school registration application
  • Find solutions to reconcile studies and family
  • Look for various funding opportunities

Information : 514 931-5737,  ext. 254