Education, one way to embrace the future.

It’s possible to have a positive experience when returning to school as an adult, thanks to the help and support of our team.

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General training in French or English

We offer assistance to French- and English-speaking adults who want to return to school, so you can gain the right prerequisites for vocational or college training. Our team members work at two adult education centers in southwest Montreal. With our help, you have a better chance at success.

Return to school with confidence

  • Vocational or college prerequisites
  • Service offered while attending school classes
  • Activities, workshops and special projects
  • One-on-one support from a member of our team
  • 30 hours of training per week

Parents’ school

Managing family life while returning to work or completing training can be complicated. Our parents’ school offers you the tools you need to help your children learn and develop their self-confidence. This is the place to start if you plan to return to studies or re-enter the job market as a parent.

Personalized support

  • Workshops to improve basic French, math and computer skills
  • Resources to help you learn to manage family life once you return to work
  • Information, follow-up and referral to local resources
  • Help with self-confidence, decision-making and independence

Take the first step, and we'll help you keep going.

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