Two years ago, I came to Montreal looking for a job. With the help of the RESO consultants, I developed a more effective strategy in my job search and I began to be more aware of my strengths. I felt at home every time I needed help. I am now working in the beautiful region of Charlevoix in my field of training.
I came to Reso to find a job. My advisor told me about all the possibilities that existed. We talked about returning to training to update my skills.

Next September, I'm starting a certificate in Human Resources Management at the University of Montreal!
RESO, receive my gratitude! I had the desire to work, but I lacked important elements to reach my goal. I was referred to RESO.

RESO has professionals who offer help that I feel is valuable. It's motivating, well structured and above all, not based on illusions. It's about being realistic and seeing what you can do according to your skills. Yes, there were days when I had the impression that nothing was happening. Sometimes I lost courage, but I remained active in my research.

Subsequently, I chose a satisfactory job. It took me a considerable effort to participate in a process to reach the job market. By cons, I took the help offered; I wanted to work and I gave myself some time to reach my goal. It's quite a winner formula.
G. Bouffard

Inspiring courses

After having worked for more than 10 years in retail stores, Stefanie L. decided to study in secretarial work. She completed her DEP in May. After two months of intensive research, 50 CVs later and only two or three interviews, Stephanie went to RESO.

With the support of our expert consultants in job search, she worked hard on a CV by skills that made all the difference, learned to make personalized letters and developed new strategies in her approach.

In less than two months, she finally landed the job of her dreams as secretary in a school board near her home.

Eric is a man who has had difficult experiences in the past. Accompanied by RESO, he attended a vocational training in general building maintenance and he had the help of a counselor from the Center for Assistance to the Unemployed (CASE).

He then took advantage of the FIT project which allowed him to join a recognized company. With great determination, courage and support, Eric has found a full-time job in an area he loves.