Our Mission

Bring together the South-West community around development strategies and projects; to actively participate in building a sustainable, equitable, economic social and cultural future; by respecting the commitment and dialogue of the population and other social and economic actors.

Our team is here to...

Help you in your return to work or training in a field that suits you, free of charge. You have dreams and personal projects! Our aim is to help you achieve them. 

The RESO is still here, to carry out its mandate of economic and social development. For 30 years RESO and its employees have been proud to fulfill this mission by engaging with the community on various development and employability issues.



The RESO aims to ensure that economic development benefits the whole community through its grassroots concerted action on employment issues. 


In addition, the RESO fosters the creation of new wealth, inclusive social development, empowerment, citizen participation, the improvement of quality of life, and a view to social and inter-generational equality.



The RESO works with people in the South-West Borough which include: Saint-Henri, Little Burgundy, Pointe-Saint-Charles, Saint-Paul-Émard and Griffintown as well as individuals residing on the Island of Montreal.


To fulfill its mission, the RESO offers services to :

Almost 30 years of economic and social development in the South-West

The RESO was born in late 1989 by the common will of the main socio-economic actors of the South-West. It took up the reigns of the Pointe-St.- Charles Economic Program created in 1984. While today we talk about the renewal of the South-West, then we were talking about the economic and social revival of a territory in decline.